Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Ass Muching Monday !!!

I sure hope your weekend was filled with stove-piping your big dicks into some warm and tight anal fuck holes.  For me, I had the pleasure of slamming my giant black cock deep into my favorite girl Stephanie's small ass, and as always, I just can never get enough of her perfect body.  Perhaps I will someday share a picture of Stephy with all of you, but for now, feast your eyes upon these other Butt Beauties...


This first stupid cunt is in my favorite position for my anal fuck toys to be in.  Stephanie assumed this position repeatedly this weekend for my anal invading pleasure:

 Just look at the pretty asshole this beauty is blessed with, and my Stephanie's is right up there (pun intended) with this sweet girls tight and tender rosebud:

 How sweet, two dumb, blonde bimbos to fuck up the ass.  That's four succulent, small ass cheeks and two super hot and tight assholes to plunge our man mean into:

 And last but certainly not least, this cutie is so fucking hot I would bitch slap her face first before I ravaged her hot little ass.  She is a little hottie, though her ass could be a bit tighter and not as flat.  I know, I'm being picky here, but regardless, I would not kick her out of my bed:

I'll check-in with all of you tomorrow, and until then, Happy Ass Pounding !!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

T.G.I.F. Celebration of Small Asses !!!

Finally, I am back in the game with my second post, and on a Friday no less.  TGIF, and time to take a gander at some precious "Small Asses".  Let's take a look, shall we:

Walk for me, you stupid fucking cunt.

And you too babe, wiggle your tiny butt cheeks and let me fantasize about reaming your shitpipe.

Let's get this stupid blonde ready to take my monster, black cock deep in her tiny rectum.
And last but certainly not least, spread your cheeks so I can suck your pretty butthole.  Hot women are so fucking awesome, especially when they have pussies and assholes this beautiful, as well as small butt cheeks.  Stupid cunts with tight asses - YUM !!!

Enjoy your weekend...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let this Butt-tastic Adventure Begin...

 This slender fuck-toy is looking so seductive in her mini jean skirt...

Come on babe, strip down and show us some skin...

Yeah, that's more like it.  I could just see her removing her thong, then spreading her small ass cheeks so we can gaze upon the tightness of her chocolate starfish

This next bimbo is I believe Kasia, shot many times on Phil-Flash's website called Face Down, Ass Up.  She is a fucking hottie, with a gorgeous and superbly fuckable butt...

Can you just picture your face plastered deep withing this sluts soft, small ass cheeks.  I know I could, and if given half the chance, I would suck and literally make-out with her puckered, little hole...Ahh, to dream is just grand....

Well, let's stop here for today.  Not bad for a FIRST post.

Happy "Small Sexy Ass" Admiring !!!